Regis Glass Art - Memorial Glass Work

     Sue shows a dedication and passion for glass that is evident in her work and lifestyle. She started working on the torch when she was 17 years old, and her self-taught methods are evident in each unique form that is created. The journey of creation is the influence behind her work. Her process involves intuition, creativity, and the desire to live off her work.


     Sue is excited to offer pieces that honor the lives of loved ones who have passed away. She creates this glasswork to memorialize those that have passed by create tangible treasures as tribute to their lasting memory.  Sue has enjoyed developing pieces for memorial events as well as individual memorials to your loved ones. Some of the most special pieces to her are those using cremated remains. To create these pieces, Sue takes a small amount of cremated remains and encases them in glass. Sue realizes the deeply personal nature of these pieces. Respect, dignity, and privacy is always of the utmost importance in such significant pieces.

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