Regis Glass Art becomes a part of you.

The intensity of the heat of the flame is what draws Sue Regis to the process of flame work and glass jewelry. It is art you can wear that doesn’t need to hang in your house, but can be worn to draw attention to the mystery and individuality that each piece can express.

Sue shows a dedication and passion for glass that is evident in her work and lifestyle. She started working on the torch when she was 18 years old, and her self-taught methods are evident in each unique form that is created. The journey of creation is the influence behind her work. Her process involves intuition, creativity, and the desire to live off her work.

The work is done through the use of a table-mounted torch with specific oxygen and propane mixtures for the differing techniques. Most pieces are created using Pyrex clear and colored rods finished with Pyrex frit (crushed glass).

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